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Resurfacing Info & Options

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Concrete resurfacing is the perfect way to bring new life to your old existing concrete without tearing it out and replacing it with stamped concrete. We apply an acrylic coat to existing cracked or old concrete; with this method you can achieve most of the same look and durability as stamped concrete because it’s made from cement and it adheres directly to the concrete underneath. We create a durable, non-slippery surface that’s easy to maintain, which makes it perfect to both outdoors and indoors surfaces. The best part of this method is the variety of possibilities of design that you can choose from, since with this technique we can replicate existing flooring materials like most natural stones and tile surfaces.


  • Prepare Surface: We inspect the area to make sure any cracks, pits or damage get patch or fixed first. Then we pressure wash the surface to remove any dirt or stain and allow it to dry.
  • Prepare Mix: Our product mix gets prepared and it’s blends with your choice of color until achieve the perfect consistency.
  • Apply Mix: We pour a small amount of mix and start troweling it evenly through the surface.
  • Design Patterns: Right after the overlay is applied, we use a variety of tools to create and design the beautiful patterns and texture of your choice.
  • Curing & Sealing: Once our concrete overlay cures, (in about 2-3 hours) we apply a sealer to protect the surface and enhance its strength and stain resistance.


And you now have a neat renovated surface!

Color Palette & Acrylic Options

Choose from a variety of colors and pigments to apply to your acrylic overlay

After Installation Instructions

Your concrete resurfacing project has just been installed. It is an attractive, durable product that will last for years if you follow these instructions.

  • Do not walk on surfaces for 24 hours.
  • Do not drive or place furniture on it for 7 full days.
  • The sealer may bubble, but will go away once you’re allowed to utilize the surfaces.
  • You hired Carolina Custom Curbing to resurface your existing cement. If your existing cement fouls our product most likely will still be attached to any pieces of concrete that fall off. There will be a charge to fix any of these areas unless the cement itself is beyond repair.
  • Concrete resurfacing needs to be resealed every 2 years. It is part of the maintenance to retain its color and stain resistance features

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