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Curbing Info & Options

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Our landscape curbing is a continuous 100% durable solid concrete border that outlines graceful curves and straight edging to your yard, pathways and property lines that gives a sophisticated touch to both residential and commercial landscapes. With this fine-looking addition you would not only be enhancing your property value and beauty, but it will also help you prevent the loss of expensive landscaping materials such as rocks, soil and mulch. Concrete curbing is easy to maintain, will eliminate the hard yard work, as it creates a permanent and effective root barrier, and will save you hours of edging, trimming and keeping unwanted grass from growing into your landscaping. We mix and pour on site to ensure we deliver a high quality work and give you the opportunity to follow the process step by step.


  • Prepare the area: After a visual inspection of the area where we’ll be working on, we make sure the surface is even and level. Then we start designing the path for which the curb machine will follow.
  • Prepare the mix: First we mix in the cement and your choice of color, precisely weighted to ensure consistency in color and a crack resistant curb.
  • Create the curbs: The mix is placed on a wheelbarrow and the machine is placed at the starting point of the path. The mix is shoveled in to the machine and extruded into your shape of choice to form each curb.
  • Finishing: We hand trowel or brush the curbs to give finishing touches and cut control joints. We also stamp the pattern of your choice on this step.


And your beautiful curbing have been installed!

Color Palette & Curbing Options

Select form a variety of bright and colorful options for your curbing

Select the shape that match your design the best:

  1. Decorative Mower Edge 6”x4”
  2. Curb 6”x4”
  3. Angle Curb 6”x4”
  4. Curb 6’x6”

Select your curbing pattern:

  1. Aussie Cobble
  2. Out Back
  3. Random Rock
  4. Brick
  5. Running Brick
  6. Tumble Brick

After Installation Instructions

Your new extruded landscape border has just been installed. It is an attractive, durable product that will last for years if you follow these instructions:

  • Landscape work can be started 48 hours after installation, however; caution must be taken as shovels, picks and wheel barrels can still damage the curbing for several more days. Never allow tractors, trucks, or lawn mowers to run over your curbing.
  • Home owners must be home day of install to show crew where the curbing goes. We do several installs daily and can’t remember where every home owner wants it!
  • Your new borders are dyed all the way thru. We recommend you seal it after 30 days. This is not required but recommended. Anything that sits in the Sun will fade. An oil based concrete sealer in gloss is recommended.
  • We are not responsible for sprinklers heads. If your heads are not flagged or moved thru can be covered by the curbing. We do not move sprinkler heads.
  • When curb job is done we will walk job with you and collect payment, any damage done to curbing when we leave (footprints, etc.) is not our responsibility, there will be a minimum $100.00 charge to come back.
  • Actual footage will be measured at the end of job.

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